The Suunto app and the Sports Tracker app form a shared sports community called Sports Tracker Community. The community and all apps connecting to it are technically provided under Suunto Oy. For more information about Suunto Oy, please visit [www.suunto.com].


All the apps within the Sports Tracker Community use the same cloud service for saving and processing data. All the apps use the same accounts, which in practice means that if you, for example, already have a Sports Tracker account and wish to start using the Suunto app, you can simply log in to the Suunto app with your Sports Tracker account. If you are using your Facebook account for authentication, you are automatically recognized as the same person in all apps.

Similarly, any change or deletion you do to your activity history or other information are visible instantly in all of the apps. Please note that separate accounts in Sports Tracker Community cannot be merged.

Suunto Movescount users need to create a new account for the Suunto app.


By default all your data is private, except your public profile, which allows your friends to find you. You can freely decide what information you add to your profile page.

A public profile is visible in the whole Sports Tracker Community when searched by name or email. This means that when you add data to your public profile in one of the applications in the Sports Tracker Community, your public profile is also visible in the other applications. Your profile page displays the following data publicly:

Visibility of an activity (or workout) means the sharing setting of each tracked or logged activity. For simplicity and clarity, the default visibility for your activities is private. There are three visibility options you can choose from:

In order to create certain anonymous data such as heatmaps of tracks frequently used by users there may be certain features which allow you to enable the collection of certain location data during your activities as specified to in the applicable visibility options.

Moreover, there may also be certain features which allow you to enable automatic collection of certain location data from your device to the app when your device becomes connected to the app.

In addition to the above, you can also choose to share your activity in an external service, like Facebook. In this case a special link to your activity is created, and anyone following that link can access the activity.

Leaderboard view displays weekly total information of you and the persons you follow. Likewise, people you have accepted to follow you can see your information:

Please note that different app versions may differ slightly and might not contain every detail.


The services can collect the following data directly from you and from your device, depending on what devices you use for measuring your activity and how many features you have in use.

The data marked with (*) is necessary for us to provide you with the services and ensure their proper functioning and security. In addition to the data listed below, we collect anonymous statistical usage data of the apps, services and products to improve the quality and features of the products and services. Please note that anonymous data of the apps, services and products may include certain location data about tracks frequently used by the users of the apps, services and products when such collection has been enabled by individual users. Moreover, the service also uses cookies. Read more about the use of cookies from the privacy policy.

We collect the following information:

If you decide to use your Facebook account and credentials for your log in to the services, we will receive data such as your name, email address, birth date, gender and profile photo and friends list (to inform you which of your friends have already joined or later join the services) from Facebook. If you wish not to provide us with such information, you will need to amend the privacy settings on your Facebook account, so please review the applicable privacy statements and instructions from Facebook for further information.

Some of the sports data displayed in one application may not be available for display in all of the other applications. Such application-specific data will only be processed by the data controller of the data (please see section 9) and Suunto Oy as the technical service provider of the Sports Tracker Community and their sub-processors in accordance with section 6. All other data is shared between the Sports Tracker Community in all of the applications you have taken into use as described in section 2.


In addition to the purposes listed in the Privacy Policy, the collected data is used for providing you with the application services as well as for customer service, as further described in section 4. We also use the data for marketing purposes and for profiling, for example, to provide you with customized content based on the activities you record with the services, and for developing the services.

The applicable legal bases for processing are fulfilling the customer contract (formed by the Service Terms and Privacy Policy), fulfilling the legitimate interest of Suunto/Sports Tracker and/or your consent.

The legitimate interest of Suunto/Sports Tracker is direct marketing and development, improvement and protection of the services and other uses that are compatible with legitimate interest of Suunto/Sports Tracker as defined in applicable laws. As further defined in the Privacy Policy, you may at any time object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing purposes and for profiling. Please note, however, that this will not affect the amount of advertising shown in the services but results in such marketing not being directed for you based on the data that we collect. Based on your consent, we process, for example, your biometrical health data such as heart rate, recovery and location data.


Your personal data that is collected for and via the service is being shared with:

Our subcontractors, vendors and group companies are located both inside and outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), and it is therefore necessary to transfer information to third countries, such as China and USA.

As further described in the Privacy Policy, we always ensure that the transfer is done using the appropriate security measures listed in GDPR and that such third parties only use the data for providing services for Suunto/Sports Tracker and not for any other purposes. Usually we use Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission for the transfer, if there are no other available means, such as the Privacy Shield arrangement.


You have several rights related to your personal data as further outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Due to the fact the Sports Tracker and Suunto apps are part of the Sports Tracker Community, the usage of these rights will, however, effect all of the Community applications.

This means that deleting data or an account or withdrawing your consent for such processing that is done based on consent affects all services at once. For example: You cannot delete an account from Suunto app and still use the same account in Sports Tracker. Also, if you request us to remove your personal data, this will likewise be done from all applications simultaneously, and thereafter you may no longer use the services.

If you wish to contact us regarding your personal data, the contact details for Suunto are available at [suunto.com/support], and for Sports Tracker the contact address is via [Sports Tracker Contact Form].


Your data will be stored during the time you have an account in the services and a reasonable period of time thereafter, unless applicable laws or regulations require us to store the data for a longer period of time. If your data is stored based on a legal requirement (e.g. due to warranty or accounting reasons), we are not able to delete it earlier even if you so request. We may also be obliged to store your data longer than what is stated herein, for example, for enforcing a contract or handling a legal dispute. In such cases, we only store your data as long as it is necessary for the said purpose.


The data controller is the company who offers the application (Suunto App / Sports Tracker) and who is responsible for the processing of your personal data. You should contact the data controller in case of any questions concerning your personal data.

The data controller of Suunto app data is Suunto Oy (Tammiston Kauppatie 7B, 01510 Vantaa, Finland). You may contact Suunto by using the contact details listed in section 7 above or as listed in their privacy policy.

The data controller of Sports Tracker data is Suunto Oy (Tammiston Kauppatie 7 A, 01510 Vantaa, Finland). You may contact Suunto Oy by using the contact details listed in section 7 above or as listed in their privacy policy.

The contact details of the Data Protection Officer of Suunto Oy are:

Suunto Oy, c/o Legal, DPO, Tammiston kauppatie 7 A, 01510 Vantaa, Finland.